Sangihe and Talaud Regency lies at the position of 2° 3' to 5° 5' North Latitude and 125° 10' to 127° 12', East Longitude. This region comprises 2.263,56 km2 land area and 44.000 km2 sea area or about 95 % of its territory is waters, so this region familiar called maritime one.
The type of climate according to Schmidt and Ferguson is damp type. The average temperature is 27° C. The lowest occur in February (25,7° C ) and the highest in June ( 27,7° C ). The humidity is quite high, average 83% per month.
The same as other region in North Sulawesi. The climate type is influenced by monsoon wind. Dry season occurs from July to September and dry season from September to November.
This region has several kinds of rare animals such as Wild Boar, Wild Cow, Civetcat, Sampiri, Maleo, Swallow, Nut Crab, Squirrel, Parrot, White and Blue Kumkum and also some vegetation like Ebony, Orchid, Rattan, Ressin and other kinds of wild plants.
Moreover, there are some kinds of popular fruits like lancium, Duren, Sallaca, etc.
Empat Wayer is a well known dance beside Mesalai, Membawelase, Alabadiri, Gunde and Samper also every 31 January the Traditional ceremony conducted in some places and The Traditional Catching fish called "Mane'e" in May every year at full moon in Intata Island by Kakorotan people.
A. Tahuna
- From Sam Ratulangi Airport Manado goes to Yudha Tindas Airport Naha, it takes ± 65 minutes and from Naha to reach Petta Subdistrict of Tabukan Utara ± 10 minutes by land vehicle "Mini Bus". If you want to do snorkeling or diving in a group island of Bukide, you can rent boat of local people in Petta harbor. Or if you want to take a rest and experience the way of life of the local people in Petta, you can stay or go to Leppe beach that you can reach on foot from Petta.
- 90 minutes from Petta to Bukide Island. Enjoy the beautifulness of Tinakareng white Beach and enchantment of under water beautiful nature. Moreover this land group covered by white beach, and swallow habitat.
- Reach Tahuna in 7 hours by speed ship "Oceania" or ± 12 hours by another medium speed ship.
This region is suitable for you who love fishing. You can spend nights here, and the local people especially the village head staff ready to give you accommodation but if you don't plan to spend the night over there, go back to Petta and then you need ± 20 minutes to reach Tahuna. In Tahuna you can have your accommodation easily. Some hotels and homestays can be your choice.
And if you want to take a rest in Petta and visit Talengen Bay that was aiming by many investors for aquaculture area of varying economic species of fish as export commodity. Moreover in this part of Talengen area there is a unique attraction on May or June. On this month according to local people usually the schooling of dugong transit in this waters.
B. Siau
The old name of Siau is KARANGETANG, which means “the highest”. Karangetang is the name of Volcano in this island that active every time. Many tourists interesting in the uniqueness of this volcano. The lava of this volcano was blown out of the first time of eruption on October 1974. The first height of the volcano was about 1700 meters but after several times of eruption increase to be about 1800 meters.
From Ulu by bus you can go to natural hot water bathing places in shore lines of Lehi village Ondong Sub District in the west of Siau Island. It takes ± 45 minutes.
Moreover there are some historical objects like the grave of King Lokon Banua, and Legendary Lehi Lake, footprint and onding gigantic stick. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Mahoro Island or to Balerangeng coral reef in the south of Mahoro. It takes ± 45 minutes from Ulu. Before reach these areas you can experience of beautifulness of white beach of Bebase beach in Pahepa island closed by Buhias or lies at Buhias strait. In this beach you can enjoy the smoothness of the sea and this place very suitable for Jet Sky.
Mahoro Island has original coral reef, cave or swallow nest and remains of Portugal fortress. There are some hotels and homestays near the seaport! Or built a tent for camping in MAHORO Island. There is no occupant. You can stay some days if you have more provision and enjoying its silent night with shining of star or moon.
C. Tagulandang and Biaro
You can depart from Manado to Tagulandang. It takes ± 5 hours to reach Tagulandang seaport. Tagulandang known as central of snake fruit (sallaca). You can enjoy the beautifulness of sallaca plantation and taste the sweetness of tough sallaca with specific aroma or visit Laing Patehi cave lies some meters under sea level. Only ± 10 minutes from Tagulandang seaport by traditional boat. Or dive and explore the beautifulness of Passige original coral reef. The originality of coral reef surrounded by colourful of fish and seagrass. You can reach Biaro Island and Passige from Manado by traditional boat of local people. It takes 4 – 5 hours to reach this region. If you a lover of fishing, Biaro island ever stir up the world. And don’t forget before move to Biaro Island there are a natural hot water spring in Minanga village and a volcano in Ruang Island.
By cruising time ± 90 minutes you can see by yourself the mystery of Biaro Island which challenge many expert of Marine science. Close by Biaro island there is a small island named “Salangka” that to be a dream of many fishermen from all corners of the world.
According to many marine scientists and fishermen once a year in the waters around Biaro Island takes place the breeding of the whale. The spectacular episode “Courtship in Honey Moon” of the whale is a scarce moment that so expensive. For the marine expert, and marine biologist, or just a lover of sensational event, don’t let the scarce opportunity passed ! You still have an opportunity if you want to stay for more days with this gigantic fish because female fish will stay in this water until it gave birth its new generation and then will leave where ever.
Two different world are waiting for you to explore : On the tree there are millions of cave bat hang on. Under water there is an aqua culture of pearl shells and grouper.
D. Tahuna Bay and Awu Volcano
The beautiful Tahuna Bay colored by traffic visiting to this region from Manado, Bitung, Talaud and the other islands. It takes ± 25 minutes to reach the top of Lenganeng on foot or ± 10 minutes by car. Another interesting place is Kolongan Beha Beach resort ± 5 kilometers from Tahuna. The beach has an interesting panorama for taking a bath in the seashore. Pananuelang white beach is the other alternative. It is situated in Tariang Baru village central Tabukan subdistrict. It is length ± 500 meters that so beautiful for visitor. The distance of Pananualeng from Tahuna is 26 kilometers that can be reached by bus ± 1 hours.
Another alternative is climbing Awu Volcano. Its height 1320 meters from sea level. When you reach the top of this volcano you will amaze and enjoy fresh air and lake and see the beautifulness of the lake in top of this volcano. You can reach the top of this volcano in ± 4 hours from Angges Village.
For researchers, in Manganitu there is historical object like the grave of Bataha Santiago, a former king of Manganitu who governed from 1670 – 1675. This grave is situated ± 14 kilometers from Tahuna or the former place of King Mocodompis in same district about 10 kilometers from Tahuna.
There is a series of small islands in the south of Sangihe Island. It is a part of Tamako sub district. To reach them you can depart from Tahuna straight away by taxi boat from the former harbor of Tahuna in the center of the city that have a beautiful panorama in the part of Tahuna bay. It takes ± 3 hours to Mahangetang or departs from Towo bus terminal in Tahuna to Tamako ± 1 hour and near Tamako harbor for about 5 minutes by speed-boat and you can enjoy the beautifulness of original coral reef covered by clear waters. According to coral reef researcher team from faculty of fisheries and marine science Sam Ratulangi University, the coral reef in Tamako waters better then in the other regions in North Sulawesi today.
If you want to prove this statement you can dive for some hours before continuing your travel to Mahangetang Island that to be one of the two mistery beside in Caribia. It has invited many researchers especially vulcanologists from everywhere to open the secret of this volcano. The top of the volcano depth is ± 6 meters when low tide and ± 8 meters high tide from sea level. The distance is 127 sea miles from Manado and ± 18 sea miles from Tahuna. It lies ± 300 meters from Mahangetang Island.
You can spend the night in the losmen beside enjoying beautifulness of Tamako tropical forest near from your accommodation. Moreover there is a beautiful waterfall called Nguralawo in Binalo village ± 6 kilometers from Tamako. According to the legend long time ago it became bath place of fairies from heaven.
Now if you want to continue your travel to Mahangetang, you can go by local people boat. It takes ± 1 hour to reach Mahangetang. In the south of Mahangetang ± 25 minutes by speed boat you can reach Kalama Island that known as cave of swallownest in the southeast and ±25 minutes by the some transportation you can enjoy beautifulness of Kahikitang island that according to marine researchers in this island in this waters there is a gigantic rayfish live here. This island rounded by white sand and coral reef that to be idola of many visitors. And if you sail to the south direction ± 25 minutes to south direction you will be at Para and Siha Islands
These islands have white sand beach and coral reef. Not far from the village there is an artifical gigantic fish pond that contented of many kinds of salt water fish. So if you’re fishing lovers you can do your hobby in this isaland. Many tourists very interesting stay in Nitu island, because this island have specific beautifulness.
In Para you can see the process of producing salt fish of local people. You can stay here longer before satisfied enjoy under water panorama. If you go straight away from Para to Dagho Ferry Harbor you may pass some small beautiful islands like Bebalang and Baunderang. From ferry harbor “Dagho” to Laine village it takes 25 minutes, and you can enjoy fresh and cool air around this Kadadima waterfall. From Dagho to Tahuna ± 3 hours by land vehicle.
From Sam Ratulangi Airport Manado to Melongguane Airport in Talaud and continue your travel to Melonguane and Beo. In Lirung, there is a small white beach island called “Sara”. There are big Sara and small Sara. In this island, beside wealth of coral reef attraction, rare species of Bird “Maleo” live here. Not only its egg that relative as big as its mother, but cause of its colorful body hair and its sweet voice, also some kinds of conservation rare animals like Nuri birds, Nut Crab. To reach this island by motorboat it takes ± 45 minutes from Lirung and ± 60 minutes from Melonguane. ± 18 kilometers from Lirung you can visit Lawasan beach in Salibabu village by land vehicle ± 1 hours.
In this region you can see the life of adherent of traditional religion in Musi village ± 30 minutes by bus from Lirung. And if you want to look all part of this island, you can see from top of Ayambana mountain near Lirung.
The white beach is interesting enough because supported by the dence of tree around. Or to Bitunuris village for taking a rest in “Tiwuda Beach”. Today this beach on every Sunday and holiday seems to be the best choice of surrounding people. Beautifulness of under water in Bitunuris richen by some kinds of pearls shells.
At Mangaran Island, there are Anemawira sea garden. Asisi cave, Wambangan cave and Awanganan water fall. You can use transportation means only in Mangaran to go around this island, the calm situation and original coral reef make this region have extra ordinary enchantment.
If you have reached Melonguane by air plane or continue your travel from Lirung by passenger ship from Manado, in Karakelang island you have some alternative objects. If your choice to Nusa Dolong and Nusa Topor in Rae and Lobbo village is better if you take a passenger ship to Beo harbor from Manado harbor. But from Melonguane if you arrive by air plane from manado, you reach this region by land vehicle. From Melonguane to Beo ± 35 kilometers and you will pass panorama of Ambela Dam ± 5 kilometer to Tarun village with green rice field and if you an archeologist there is Tatombatu cave white sand and dense of mangrove in Tarohan village.
In this cave kept many skulls as victim of fight with colonialist. If you in Beo, you can go straight away to Nusa Dolong and Nusa Topor by motor boat ± 45 minutes or by bus to Rae-Lobbo village ± 30 minutes and rent motorboats to cross from Lobbo. Many tourist have visited these islands enjoy enchantment of white sand coral reef and beautifulness of under water.
Mane’e is a method of catching fish traditionally which was kept inheritantly by the people in Kakorotan village and many tourists also central and local government has intended this traditional rare ceremony. Garat Island is one of the most beautiful that both in land and in the sea still original that make yourself like in Paradise garde.
Until now this island became a conservation area stated of Indonesian conservation body.
And the effort of local people have succeeded get KALPATARU award to conservatory people from this island by Indonesian government on 1984. This island also inhibited by many kinds of rare animals like : Maleo bird, Nut Crab, Kumkum ( kind of white bird ) and Kuskus. This interesting and wonderful panorama create by, reading white sang a long coast line and dense of reef and colorful decorating fish also the original coral reef.
From Nusa Dolong you can see white sand named Anemawira ( white sand ) in Lahae gulf ± 2 kilometers from Rae village. Every Sunday or holiday this beachusually visited by people surrounding cillage. In the center of Karakelang island if you hunting lover there is a location of hunting beside enjoy the Karakelang forest. You can start from Rae village. By going a long Andaaran river the longest river in Karakelang island. Karakelang forest inhabited by many species of bird and one of them well known as Sampiri only in this region of the world as specific bird of Talaud. In the North of this island there is Arangkaa situated in Arangkaa village contented of skulls that was victims of fight of Larenggam hero with Dutch colonializer and pirates from Mindanao, South Phillippine. It can be reached from Essang by motor boat ± 30 minutes.
Other alternative if you have reached Beo is Wetta cave situated in Rainis ± 12 kilometers from Beo by bus ± 30 mnutes. When Rainis village bombed by Alliance, the cave was used as hiding place for local people. Its length from front of the cave about 100 meters. Nowdays there are thousang small bats in the cave and tehere is a rivulent at the bottom of the cave. Climbing inactive Piapi mountain in Pulutan village is your another alternative. Your choose to enjoy beautifulness of “Napo Burias” with original and colorful reef and white sang in Alo village.
From Bitung take a ship straight awat to Karatung. Transit a series of beautiful small islands : Mamore, Kawio, Kawalusa, Miangas and Nanusa. Now you are in the border of Indonesia and Philippines. Do You ever know about shark fin ? Or many kinds of coral reef enchantment inhabited by decoration fish species, snorkeling and diving in clear and fresh waters surrounding by white sand with the dense of trees ? You can find in this region. Moreover traditional fish catching ceremony onlu in Intata island.